What does pupusa mean in spanish

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what does pupusa mean in spanish

Pupusa [online]. Purists will tell you that pupusas should bear the marks of a hot griddle — those black-and-brown splotches that add a hint of bitterness and indicate the corn...

Don't keep it to yourself... Nixtamal is basically the same corn dough, but it has undergone a preparation process involving an alkaline solution before cooking, which contributes to the peeling of the grains, making valuable nutrients available.

Steven Raichlen, 1998. Sergio Morales Pellecer, 2001. Another meaning of pupusa in the dictionary is also amount of money. Examples of use in the Spanish literature, quotes and news about pupusa.

Word in Definition. Lifchitz, 2012. The definition of pupusa in the dictionary is corn tortilla or rice, stuffed with pork rinds, cheese or other foods. Are we missing a good definition for pupusa?

Meaning of "pupusa" in the Spanish dictionary

Meaning of "pupusa" in the Spanish dictionary. Los nombres quechuas poposa o pupusa refieren, generalmente... Powered by CITE. This process was developed in Mesoamerica around 1500—1200 BC. And they drink a Coca-Cola...

what does pupusa mean in spanish

Lo frotaron bien con tierra seca y le dieron candela por... Spanish words that begin with pup. At the first ever PupusaFest last year, 10,000 pupusas just weren't enough; by mid-afternoon, they had sold out of every last one.

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what does pupusa mean in spanish

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