What does glycol distearate do in shampoo

what does glycol distearate do in shampoo

Print this article. Maybe I want more than just clean hair, after all. And formulators have to ensure that the pH is within a workable range, some say 5. Although predominantly stearic acid, the Glycol Stearate ingredients may contain esters of other fatty acids such as palmitic acid.

They need to end up with a formulation that has all of the desired attributes for the consumer as well as being processible, stable, and within budget.

what does glycol distearate do in shampoo

Pharmaceutical Century. ACS Comments. Fragrances and dyes will be incorporated. EU Cosmetics Inventory http: I convinced my mother that my teenage life would be over if I didn't wash my hair with Herbal Essence shampoo.

Glycol Distearate

Getting the ingredients and proportions right is a matter of experience if formulators are using tried-and-true ingredients or trial and error if they are moving in new directions. Some anionics commonly used in shampoos are sodium lauryl ether sulfate also called sodium laureth sulfate , sodium lauryl sulfate, and the ammonium versions. That's exactly what companies that produce and market shampoos are counting on, even more today than 30 years ago.

Nonionics such as polyethylene glycol PEG esters can play a number of roles in a shampoo system. Aggravated scales don't overlap nicely, and they make hair look dull and feel rough. Digital Briefs.

what does glycol distearate do in shampoo

Scientific Facts: How do I pick a shampoo that will leave me with clean hair? Cationics like these provide some conditioning to the hair, and they also can boost the viscosity of the shampoo formula. In cosmetics and personal care products, the Glycol Stearate ingredients may function as emulsion stabilizers; opacifying agents; skin conditioning agents - emollient; skin conditioning agents - occulsive; surfactants - emulsifying agent; or nonaqueous.

Glycol Stearate

Copyright Permission. Studies of acute oral toxicity, skin and eye irritation and sensitization show that Glycol Stearate has low acute toxicity. They can also snag other raised scales on neighboring shafts, resulting in snarls. Correct pH is important because the cuticle of the hair, which is exposed after the sebum is stripped away, is covered with overlapping scales that are smoothed and soothed in a properly acidic environment.

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Surely no simple concoction can achieve so much, and the list of ingredients on the back of a shampoo bottle attests to that. Search form search. Ingredients of animal origin must comply with the European animal by-products regulations.