What did henrietta dugdale do

The Argus, 13 April 1869.

Pioneering Australian feminist Henrietta Dugdale honoured by Google

She lived to see Australian women attain the vote in 1902, when she was 75, due in part to her relentless campaigning. In 1883 she had published a booklet, A Few Hours in a Far Off Age , dedicated to the pro-suffrage parliamentarian, George Higinbotham whom she admired for his stand on women's issues.

Yumi Stynes on speaking up: The emancipation of her sex was to be the primary solution and she exhorted women to throw off their chains, discard their apathy and learn self respect. Watson and Higgins, Ms.

what did henrietta dugdale do

The Society's platform was "to obtain the same political privileges for women as now possessed by male voters", according to the National Library of Australia.

On May 7 a numerously attended meeting of ladies was held at Ajmere South Yarra, to inaugurate a suffrage society intended to advocate the extension of voting power to women.

Henrietta Dugdale

The brutality and darkness of her own age she attributed not only to male ignorance and vanity but also to liquor and the illiterate working classes.

She firmly believed in evolutionary progress and the perfectibility of mankind which to her could only be achieved through the disciplined control of human nature by reason and the co-operation and equality of the sexes. Skip to content Search for: If it be a man who is deserted, how can he help feeling that society makes no provision for his occupying an honourable relationship towards the female sex, and, with a deep sense of injustice, he throws himself headlong into the whirlpool of licentiousness, Sir, I do not send my name, because my letter contains no statements requiring to be sustained, and the anonymity of the press may be properly extended to me ; but I sincerely hope that you will not merely insert this letter, and then let the matter drop into oblivion.

what did henrietta dugdale do

Department of History: After his death she married on 5 March 1853 William Dugdale, son of an English clergyman; they had three sons. This article has been amended since its original publication. Mistress of the Rough Seas.

Henrietta Augusta Dugdale

On 13 April 1869, Dugdale wrote a letter which was published in the Melbourne Argus, calling for equal justice for women. In Social. Dugdale, and Mr. Australian suffragist honoured by Google UtopiaGirls wmnhist equality https: Can you help?

Johnson, for many years managing clerk to Lynch and McDonald, solicitors, of Melbourne.

what did henrietta dugdale do

A Dugdale. Home About I need a few good women or bad ones. Loving Google 's tribute to Australian suffragette Henrietta Dugdale!

what did henrietta dugdale do

And if he is totally unable or unwilling to love, cherish, and protect her, is it possible that she can love, honour, and obey him? Melbourne suffragist Henrietta Augusta Dugdale appears as today's Google doodle.