Sparks the who wiki band

With the swap of a couple members, they set about to record their first proper album. As time moved on, Ron and Russell became more interested in, and reliant upon, electronics, making a series of more synth-pop albums. The unlikely hit struck a chord with its glam-affected guitars, triumphant rhythm and far from average vocal style of Russell. Though the music had changed, their sense of humor and wit remained intact.

sparks the who wiki band

With all due respect to the many musicians who have helped stir the pot, there was never one "classic" lineup. They recorded a demo of 12 songs that led them to sign with the fledgling Bearsville label.

sparks the who wiki band

In 1968 the pair, both in their early 20s, decided to form a band. We take a look at one of the most enduring, distinct and incredible musical entities to ever roam the Earth in With Everything You Need to Know About Sparks. During that era they released the three albums that their legacy was built on, but there was never one constant lineup aside from Ron and Russell.

Everything You Need to Know About Sparks

Their music can recall the past as it plunges you deep into the future. Their sense of adventure both musically and lyrically Ron Mael's knack for a great lyric has few peers would lead them from glam to pop via big band and hard rock before crashing into both New Wave and disco along the way.

sparks the who wiki band

Some of the songs used full orchestration, which would in part signal their next move. They took that idea under advisement, dropped the Brothers part and became simply, Sparks.

Guitarists Adrian Fisher and Trevor White, along with drummer Dinky Diamond and bassists Martin Gordon and Ian Hampton, all played a significant part in the sound and style of what many would call the "classic" years, 1974-5. By the early '80s, the Maels had moved back home to L. Home News. This was the first of eight Top 40 U.

They chose the unlikely moniker of Halfnelson. At this point Ron and Russell packed their bags and moved to England. Top 10 Albums From 1974. The change was just what was needed. Original Features , Underground. As times changed, so did Sparks. Growing up in Los Angeles in the '60s, brothers Ron and Russell Mael were obsessed with rock and roll and pop culture.