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There aren't any. It didn't give us any hints or things to look forward to about the movie; it just listed why it was rated R.

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One can't help but feel like the people who came up with this ad thought that it was clever but it's all really silly. The most hilarious part was that the pot smoker sees an alien land, and what's the first thing he does?

Not to mention - a line that is supposed to be delivered as a sweet platitude comes off more like a threat. Just [[https: Even if you know the reason behind the statement, it's hard to take anything she says seriously when she starts off by informing the viewer "I'm not a witch.

The [[https: The intentions may have been admirable, but the scenario is absurd. What is the Event? F Codd. Dino makes his first appearance in the To Go infomercial, and the actor playing him is so bad that it makes every line top-grade Narm fuel.

In Virtual Telecommunications Access. That was the message of the PSA: Find Out Now! You ungrateful little bitch! Even without knowing about the questionable nature of [[http: All it shows is a factory at night, a guy looking at something, and a big snake. But surely there are better ways of illustrating that? The teenager is then shown simply smoking marijuana. Three industrious German dwarfs find some gold during digging, "Aah" and "Ooh" about it - but then some sleazy AmbiguouslyJewish or foreign guy enters the stage and takes the poor dwarves' gold away, just like that.