Oxalis how to grow

Since oxalis triangularis are super simple to plant and grow, they are frequently given as gifts. Fill the pot adequately with a mix of soil and some sand, humus, and mulch.

Drape-filtered light is a better option than direct exposure to the sun.

oxalis how to grow

Alternatively, you can plant a bulb from an Oxalis plant. Repotting and propagation are highly needed for oxalis.

oxalis how to grow

Late in the summer the leaves will yellow and die back as the plant slips into dormancy. Your email address will not be published.

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Low-Maintenance Houseplants: Oxalis Triangularis

It may become nutrient-deficient. We promise not to spam you. As the name suggests, oxalis is rich in oxalic acid, which lends it a tangy taste. When planting multiple Oxalis bulbs or plants, make sure to space them 3—4 inches 7.

How to Grow and Care for Oxalis Plants

Indoor Hanging Plants. For oxalis, it's best to use liquid fertilizers for optimum results. Amazon Rainforest Plants. Since the plant spreads under ground, be sure that the garden beds where you grow them have some sort of deep edging or trench edging to keep them contained.

Most Oxalis species will bloom sometime in the summer.

oxalis how to grow

Co-Authored By:. Oxalis is a shamrock-like plant that is also commonly referred to as love plant and wood sorrel.

Oxalis (Shamrocks) Planting Guide

This is attributed to the presence of aphids, alternatively known as 'plant lice'. The plant is as happy outdoors in your garden as it is inside, growing in a pot.

Oxalis thrives in well-drained soil like loam or peat moss, but is resilient and will grow in almost any potting medium. They'll grow from any position.

How to divide your Love plant (Oxalis triangularis)

Put the Oxalis bulbs or plants into the holes. Once the foliage has browned, you can prune it off. In this Article: