Lucci look what i did lyrics

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Rich the Kid Lyrics, Letra: Confira Mais Letras. Made For It 5. Now I deserve this shit nigga, I'm suppose to be here nigga, yanno Ye... Rap 252 Views today Hoje.

lucci look what i did lyrics

Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do, do, uh, uh, yeah Ayy, ayy Uh, uh, hey Ayy they gon' think I... I'm at their neck ain't no lettin' up Fuck a vest we shoot neck and up Life is chessed so I set em up Life's a gamble I got hella luck Told her we can fuck but don't get comfortable Ain't no ceiling on my car drivin' fast yeah uncomfortable I just flooded at my ring look like a royal rumble They say money talk then all you niggas do is mumble And if my bitch trippin' I might let her tumble And no matter what I make I still remain humble That's word to my mama It's a cold world streets colder I gotta keep a burner Hey so what if them niggas made more I knew my time was comin' Had to wait for it So every night a nigga prayed for it Ain't no goin' back the only way is forward See some people they weren't made for it That Rollie fit my wrist like it was made for it And they hatin' but what's the hate for Ain't no stoppin', fuck we need breaks for?

Missing You 4. Update Letras. Garren Lyrics, Letra: Yea x2 I walk around wit a dime, I got like def times a dime, I Fuck up a done every time, You fuck up a dime on your time, You needa stop wasting your time, I paid like a hunnid for mine, I put them pointers on mine, I can rhyme anytime, Bitch say she ain't fuckin she lying, Make them Bitches form a line, We got them hunnids we buying nigga, In every dozen there's a dime nigga, I DO NOT play bout my shine nigga, Shoot that bitch up like I'm blind nigga, We came in first we never last, I told em a hunnid a never last, See I got a hunnid right now in this Louis bag, Foot on the peddle might do the dash, I'm on the lean I might crash, Fucked the bitch I got her mad, Got her calling me dad, Kicked the bitch out of my pad, We got a lot of us, Talk about dough got a pot of it, When you winning its hard to get out of us, Jumped in that water came out was us, You prolly wouldn't make it up out of it, I Prolly go do the lottery, I really do be with shottas, My daddy is really a rasta.

Look, I'm gonna get this paper for sure, yeah You don't know my story or my emotions Don't tell me that yo... Blac Youngsta Lyrics, Letra: Load More...

lucci look what i did lyrics

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20 of the Best Lyrics From YFN Lucci’s ‘Ray Ray From Summerhill’ Album

Where I come from we was always then niggas, Mason Margielas, boy wont you step up, We wanted extra, so we got extra, No, I never needed me no invester, Just call me a P feel like Pleasure Ridin with P in that tester That's my sister! Think it's a game? Meek Mill Letras da Musica Uh, young street nigga tryin' make some millions I know you hear me but you gotta feel me These niggas talk about it but they...

Yeah Think its a game? Bitte aktiviere JavaScript! YFN Lucci. Know No Better Modify 2.

lucci look what i did lyrics

Yeah, aye, ugh, ugh, look Hit 'em up, hit 'em up, hit 'em up, hit 'em up Don't make me... Campaign nigga campaign , still the same nigga same You a lame you a lame , never change neve...

lucci look what i did lyrics

Por favor,activa el JavaScript! Submit the lyrics... I did it for all of my niggas, I switched up my Audi my nigga, This is an Audi my nigga, Could've went and bought another vehicle, Turnt the hood up bought em all a vehicle, Can't wait to go ride on them niggas, We cannot wait to collide with them niggas, NO! Notify Problem.