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I am not aware of any specific successful facilities that has existed that don't put time constraints on how long one has to stay in a facility. React to this story: Tipton teenager flees captivity Fluffy and friends: We need to fully utilize the male pod at the work release center; also need to open the 40 bed women's unit at the work release center; work with the courts to assist with reallocation of cases and utilize specialty courts, such as veteran affairs, mental health and drug courts, to expedite sentencing.

We will continue the 17 rehabilitative jail programs to assist incarcerated persons. I would then take a look at the charges associated with each inmate and having done so I would identify those inmates with low-level or misdemeanor charges and where appropriate I seek alternative means to get some of those people released with the blessings of the judges that have jurisdiction over those specific inmates.

I would additionally like to see minor possession of marijuana changed in such a manner that the offender be given a citation rather than go to jail. Graduations, games or events, order prints of your favorites photos from the Kokomo Tribune. Toggle navigation Menu.

Howard County Sheriff's Office Supports HopeWorks

TV Week. We are a part of the Systems of Care to help addicts and their families with drug addiction. Currently chief deputy of the Howard County Sheriff's Department after holding various positions since 1995.

With the current trend of having a number of repeat offenders going through the system I would not rule out the possible need to build onto the existing jail but I would like to look at possible alternative means of dealing with the problem first.

The Vivitrol and Narcan programs will continue.

howard co sheriff monterey

Kokomo highly susceptible to automation, but not time to panic Tigers roar to repeat: Kelly Lafferty Gerber. Edit Article Add New Article. We will continue these programs and stay informed as to new opportunities for community policing. Currently works as a Howard County Courthouse security officer.

howard co sheriff monterey

Three sons, one daughter, three grandsons, two granddaughters and one great-grandson. Kelly Lafferty Gerber Kokomo Tribune.

howard co sheriff monterey

Most Popular. How would you attack this problem? If you look at the big picture this entire country and beyond have thrown everything that we have at the drug problem and nothing has worked and I don't believe that we are going to arrest our way out of the problem.

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This Week's Circulars. As sheriff I would familiarize myself with the exact numbers of inmates and other relative numbers such as how many inmates are from other jurisdictions.

howard co sheriff monterey

Republican Jerry Asher. Too many of our young people are dying from this scourge on our society.

howard co sheriff monterey

Union St. Norris Jones.