How to select a flowerhorn

It was a crossbreed of different South American cichlids.

how to select a flowerhorn

It reduces the chance of developing hypertension. If you're a beginner here are some tips on how you select the ideal flowerhorn fish.

How to Choose a Quality Flowerhorn

The Flower Horn fish is considered by the Chinese as the most auspicious fish that is developed by aquarists to date much to the frowns of many Western purists. In short this fish oil controls the cholesterol level in our body.

how to select a flowerhorn

Thanks to you people. If you know the brood stock well, you will able to tell if the fry will inherit the much sought after features.

How to select a flowerhorn fish..??

Inbreeding is also a crucial factor in breeding the Flower Horn. Heaters need to be protected by a heater guard or ideally placed inside the filter. For a more excellent flowerhorn select an even more varied and intense color adequate to generate thrills however naturally desirable to the eyes.

how to select a flowerhorn

It is almost near impossible to obtain the great fish that has all the qualities that I have pointed out above, what matters is to follow your personal choice and raise them well to progress in a gorgeous, desirable and healthy flowerhorn fish that you simply want them to be.

Other names: Fry from inferior inbreeding should be rejected or used as fish feed, and should never reach the market for sale or breeding purposes.

how to select a flowerhorn

M y A quarium C lub. By entering this site you declare you read and agreed to the Site Terms , acknowledged our Privacy Policy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility. So a large cichlid species will typically grow very fast for the first 6 months, a bit slower for the next 6 months, and very very slowly across the next 10 or more years.

After all, the main reason among others that this fish is so popular is because of its unique feature: If developed, or nearly developed Fins are good and proportional - the upper and lower fins should frame or encircle the tail if possible.

Aquatic Science. I have a huge tank 130 Gal.

how to select a flowerhorn

Flowerhorn Cichlids need about 75 gallons, and if you want to grow a specimen to its maximum size, you will put it into a tank this size as early as possible, ideally when it is less than 6 months old.

Among the numerous strains of flower horn, those which are most active or responsive to people are most interesting. How can I post pics with an iPod?

Features to look for when buying a flowerhorn

It's a secondary sexual characteristic. Log in. This is a widely sold species that is unusual in many ways, not least of all because the female is more colourful than the male!