How to install a second thermostat

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This is not an easy retrofit. The hardest part might be running the wires upstairs.

how to install a second thermostat

Find all posts by GaryM. Rooms coming off each floor can be controlled by mechanical thermostatic valves on each radiator. Technically you "could" add another Thermostat.

Angies List: Solving uneven heating on different floors

As it's getting a bit cold lately, I often turn on the gas fireplace at night. OK, maybe not snowing, but you get the picture. So, when it gets cool enough or warm enough in there; that's what shuts the unit off; so it doesn't really pay attention to what the temperature is upstairs.

how to install a second thermostat

Here's my situation: Find all posts by Rich G7subs. It wouls be fairly simple to add a thermostat upstairs along with a switching system to select which 'stat is being used. Find all posts by Shiva. You won't be able to heat your basement and upstairs separately simply by adding a thermostat.

The hot air from your fireplace will eventually end up at the highest point in your home. You want multiple zones on a single furnace. The above is comming from a engineering background, not a plumming - while the above suggestions are possible, I don't know if they are practial or even leagal. Heat doesn't rise, but hotter air does in colder air. Forced hot air with a gas furnace is common, at least here in the midwest, so I'll talk to that system.

Get appropriate thermostat wire from a home store, run the wire to the new thermostat location, connect it up at both ends and you are good to go.

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Jun 2000 Location: Straight Dope Message Board. After reading a bit about the system from your link, that sounds like the best thing for us.

how to install a second thermostat

The problem with this is that the only thermostat in the house is, you guessed it, in the living room. Ultimately, homeowners with temperature variance issues should consult a reputable heating and cooling contractor to diagnose the issue and determine possible solutions. Shut the power off to the furnace unit at the breaker, and remove the faceplate from the thermostat.