How to conduct investigative journalism schools


Stabile, traveled to Kenya to look into how the U. December 3rd at 8: Essentials class that includes the basics of data and investigative reporting. When they do, their impact can be world- and life-changing for individuals and profound for specific communities.

how to conduct investigative journalism schools

Brainstorm on your own: Preference will be given to second year students. Andy Lehren Director of Investigative Reporting andrew. During the 15-week course, the students will study global migration issues while also doing ambitious investigative reporting projects on women and migration. How does it make you feel? Learn more about Journalism Summer Minor.

Investigative Journalism Manuals

In the last decade, dozens of stories have been produced out of the Investigative Reporting Program on subjects including the practices of the credit card industry, the sexual harassment and rape of female farmworkers and janitorial workers in the U.

This safety manual—published by the South East Europe Media Organization —is part of a wider initiative to protect media workers in the region. Make a list of the different ways the ICIJ has found to tell this story. Kotlowitz, a senior lecturer, is the author of three books, including the national bestseller "There Are No Children Here.

What do you think is the difference between investigative journalism and other types of journalism? Individual classes will focus on hospitals, health professionals, our aging society, controversies in medicine, insurance companies, health reform and the pharmaceutical industry. After watching the video, work individually or with a partner to create a short summary of what the Paradise Papers are and why they matter.

The Paradise Papers: A Lesson in Investigative Journalism

English , Spanish , French. Walt Bogdanich.

how to conduct investigative journalism schools

Students will learn how to find and interpret primary source materials and use them to build and confirm a story. Term 4 Jul 21 Aug 02.

How to be an Investigative Journalist: Greg Palast

Protesters demonstrate in government plazas and along busy streets. The following are mandatory investigative reporting classes for master's students: Read the project description of the Paradise Papers on the Pulitzer Center website.

how to conduct investigative journalism schools

Instruction focuses on developing sources, conducting research and interviews, using public records, the legal issues surrounding confidentiality and other issues.