How to become a singer without youtube

Tips You can upload videos to social media sites other than YouTube, but it might be best to upload your videos there, and then use your other social media accounts to direct your audience to the videos.

Do you write your own rock songs, or are you a pop cover artist? Your voice is your money maker.

How to Become a Famous Singer

Warm up for 10 to 15 minutes with a few scales and some of your favorite simple songs think lullabies. Most computers come preloaded with video recording software.

Now Casting: Warm up your voice.

how to become a singer without youtube

Use proper technique. Look for things like the wrong notes, places where maybe you aren't connecting with the lyrics, or where you look and sound distracted. If you are uncomfortable with being in a music video, combine a bunch of nature shots or find people who you could feature in your video.

how to become a singer without youtube

Warnings Don't forget that there will also be a lot of people with negative comments. YouTube and Soundcloud are common sites for singer-songwriters to put their ideas out into the world some artists are even launching careers on Instagram or Vine! Try to ignore them.

Most such success stories began with a camera, a singular talent, and access to the web. Yes No. As you hone your technical singing skills, find an outlet to share and promote your brand as a singer: You can also just record your voice and do a voice-over with pictures in the video.

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You won't have to necessarily rerecord the whole thing. It is not easy to start young on any social media platform due to the types of people that may comment.

It won't happen all at once, but eventually, you could be well known if you keep with it. Follow the first steps below and you could see your name in lights—and hear your voice around the world!

how to become a singer without youtube

If you feel your vocal chords straining to hit any notes, or if you can tell you're not singing the same notes that are being played, you're probably not the voice type that should sing that scale. And the second step.