How swiss chocolate is made

According to 2001 figures, the Swiss ate more chocolate per person than anywhere else in the world. Handmade or not, the fervour with which the visitors tuck into the tasting tables at the end of the tour, shows that the Swiss taste for chocolate shows no signs of slowing down.

how swiss chocolate is made

The cacao is hand picked from quality trees grown deep in the jungle. The friction in the drums raises the temperature of the powder and melts all the ingredients together - a process known as conching, which was invented by another Swiss, Rodolphe Lindt.

Six reasons why Swiss chocolate is such a success

Milk chocolate which is the best known Swiss chocolate type is characterised by a high percentage of cocoa butter. The chocolate must then be reheated to use it.

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how swiss chocolate is made

Switzerland is one of the first countries to have produced chocolate, thanks to a number of pioneers. Belgian Versus Swiss Chocolate: Peter's legacy continues with us in our special recipes.

how swiss chocolate is made

Alpine milk, produced by cows roaming the grassy mountain regions of the country is a key ingredient also. Swiss Chocolate — A Unique Mixture of Taste and Quality The first word that comes to our minds when we hear about Switzerland is undoubtedly 'chocolate'.

how swiss chocolate is made

But first a little history about chocolate…. The manufacturing process is a six-stage affair, which begins with the roasting of cocoa beans to separate cocoa from cocoa butter.

The final step in the production process is 'tempering'. After all, Switzerland as a country is far from the South American homeland of the humble cocoa bean. Neuer Inhalt Horizontal Line.

Swiss Chocolate Facts

Towards the end of the 19th century, advertising also began to appear, mainly in the form of posters advertising the sales outlets. Switzerland by virtue of their country's location, have incorporated aspects of chocolate making from all of Europe.

how swiss chocolate is made

The beans are imported from as far afield as the Ivory Coast and Ghana. It was the Swiss who came up with the idea to add cocoa butter back into the chocolate and the method to do so, as well as being the creators of milk chocolate. Texture — Swiss chocolate has a smoother texture. His invention made chocolate more nutritious and far sweeter. Teuscher imports their chocolate truffles weekly from their alpine factory.

He filed a patent for this process in 1879, when he was running a manufacturing company in Bern. The cocoa butter becomes more stable and an even-grained texture will develop. Rio Tigre Milk Chocolate has the unique mixture of fresh high-quality milk along with orchid vanilla.