How kevin peter hall died

C oupled with his vocal frustrations with the temperature of the suit itself, Van Damme infuriated the crew so much that he was ultimately fired. IMDb More. He was in a major car accident in Los Angeles. None of that stuff really bothers me.

how kevin peter hall died

During surgery for his critical wounds, he received a contaminated blood transfusion. He played basketball during college, but not when it would interfere with his major at George Washington University in Washington, DC, which was Theatrical Arts.

Returning to the US, he was one half of a comedy double act in Los Angeles, before being spotted by a casting agent. Share this page: During his college years, he met Jay Fenichel with whom he would later make musical productions.

how kevin peter hall died

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Kevin Peter Hall Height, Wife, Net Worth, Death, Was He Gay?

Hall was often encased in elaborate body suits throughout his career, his face glimpsed only occasionally. How much of Kevin Peter Hall's work have you seen? IMDb More. Home News Sport Business. Sign in. H all would follow up his 1987 double bill with a Predator sequel in 1990, and another alien role on an episode of Star Trek: This giant's face was rarely seen in his films, as he usually played monsters and semi-human creatures that required him to wear mounds of make-up, so few people know that he was a handsome and muscular man.

how kevin peter hall died

He would similarly reprise his sasquatch role on the TV series adaptation of Harry and the Hendersons. B ut explaining the truth to Van Damme, including the fact that the masked Predator would be off-screen for much of the film, only enraged the Muscles from Brussels further, who had hoped the role would be his stepping stone to stardom. Edit Kevin Peter Hall. I n 1990, Hall was involved in a car accident that required a trip to the hospital.

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The gentle giant behind the Predator mask: remembering 7ft 2in actor Kevin Peter Hall

There's a balance you got to keep inside the suit. I could be called the Robert Redford of the monster squad. Hall excelled at excelled at basketball during his high school years and eventually earned a scholarship to George Washington University. My newsletters.