Guess what this is 183 ldl

My Vit D is also low at 27. At this point my Doctor insisted I had to be on Statins and so I agreed.

How to Interpret Cholesterol Test Results

On a balmy Sunday last August, Ronald M. Maybe he should discuss with his doctor about genetic testing for FH. Just curious to know your thoughts. My reply was for Jeremy. And if its just general inflammation, is it the case where elevated inflammation levels as measured by these tests CRP, frbrimogen, LpPLA2 is only a problem if the inflammation detected happens to be from damage in the inside of the arteries that are inflamed, or does inflammation from other parts of the body arthritis etc cause damage to the arteries and raise risk of CVD?

Major Milestone – Repeated CIMT Regression while LDL Cholesterol Averaged Above 200 mg/dL

Another excellent post Axel. I was told I may possibly need to go on a statin which I am not particularly fond of doing. You are going to send email to. What I do know is there is some evidence above that shows cholesterol and triglycerides have risen in SOME people after going primal. I wouldn't mind putting my epic eating skills on display. If you know this simple formula, your knowledge outperforms 44 percent of providers in medical practice in the US. Lowered my blood pressure also.

Krauss and collaborators from Harvard and Malmo, Sweden, have helped identify what influences the difference. The information contained on CholesterolCode is for general information purposes only and is not intended to replace a professional diagnosis, nor is it intended to treat, cure, or prevent any medical conditions. I am 36, previously on low dose blood pressure medicine, chronic pain, several autoimmune issues, gout, and my grandfather had several heart issues: May 2011 pre-primal my labs: The statin issue is always a bit difficult in primary prevention.

There is a relationship between triglyceride levels and LDL particle size. Omega-3 fatty acid-containing capsules or fish oils represent a reasonable alternative. Penny Despite your high total cholesterol there are a lots of positives regarding your risk profile.