Goku vs superman prime who wins

Superman is consistently an untrained combatant. Get App. Kal-El or Kakarot? Gokuu's chi aura makes the earth shake. Goku and Beerus' attacks also generate light and shockwaves that traverse the Macrocosm and surpass the dimensional boundaries, reaching outside of the universe in mere seconds which is a septillion's of times FTL feat.

Even the weak Villains like Furiza would take him down, no sweat hands up and down. One thing that alot of Superman gowers get is that his powers come from a yellow sun. Dec 18, 2004 Messages: This is Superman from the far future who has been inside the Sun for 15,000 years and his powers have been enhanced.

goku vs superman prime who wins

Here we go again... Why does something like this pop up every few months. Who will win this titanic clash of iconic heroes? Keep in mind that DB characters are faster than their own Ki in most instances.

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goku vs superman prime who wins

I've gone over Goku's stats multiple times now, so I'll keep it to the point. This makes them septillions of times faster than light easily, and it also makes Super Saiyan God Goku and Beerus above that since SSG Goku forced him to use a small portion of his power and suppressed Champa and Vados were below that.

goku vs superman prime who wins

Gokuu is so many times stronger there aint even a number for it. Torquasm-Vo is the only form of offensive martial arts he knows, and was able to defeat another Kryptonian using pressure points. The man became a god. Gokuu would just throw a distruction disc it is stated that it goes through everything, in the manga So it would go through Supes like he was made of butter.

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SUPERMAN PRIME (holding nothing back) vs GOKU (with full access to the Dragon Balls)

Comic Book Theater 3 days ago. I have gone into as much detail as I can, because I'm honestly tired of this topic, and as Goku grows more and more powerful it's increasingly irrelevant, and I wanted to make sure I covered everything in as much detail as possible.

Soph Teezy. I think it would be a short fight, and Superman would win hands down.

goku vs superman prime who wins

The Hurricane Registered. Superman lives in a sun, and has mastered all of his abilities, and can fly in and out of black holes, stop white dwarfs, and survive omega novas explosions that blow up entire solar systems.

Discussion in ' Misc. He once flew to the Andromeda Galaxy the Milky Way's neighbor in seconds to save an alien species.