From where the sun now stands speechwire

All coaches and students are responsible for reviewing the rules in the Governing Documents. The penalty for violation of this regulation shall be immediate disqualification. Young nominated Pober. We have hotel back-up in case we need it if union is not done. Schnoor says we had wonderful success with Speechwire this year and only a few changes were coming in at the end. Top 20 schools in total debate points that did not win a School of Outstanding Distinction award. Room schedules for Rounds 1-6 are available during Sunday registration and via the Nats18 Guidebook app.

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Congratulations to the 2018 Finalists! Round 10 2: The two students listed first will debate first. Each school may submit up to two 2 pieces of legislation for the agenda. Since 2004, The Forensics Files has provided easy-to-use topic briefs and classroom materials that have helped coaches and students throughout the U.

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See the Standing Rules of the League for more information. National Tournament Results.

from where the sun now stands speechwire

This opportunity can exist only when each member of our community is assured an atmosphere of mutual respect. Round 12 2 to 8: Competitors will be permitted to use the internet at all FFL Sanctioned Tournaments when internet access is publicly available.

from where the sun now stands speechwire

See supplemental event schedules pages 24-25 for details. The tournament marks the capstone of speech and debate activities for more than 150,000 student and coach members across the country.

from where the sun now stands speechwire

Note that the 7 th — 10 th entries in an event will initially be placed on a waitlist. Debate final rounds will use a minimum of nine judges. Coaches may re-register students for either supplemental or consolation events as soon as their students appear in the system as eligible for re-registration.


This committee was originally charged with making sure our bylaws are in agreement with the bylaws of the AFA. Mayfield seconded. It is the young men who say yes or no. Program Oral Interp.

The National Congress has always operated in the spirit of simulating the legislative process, providing practical leadership training by modeling the virtues of public service.

To review our complete policy, see page 42. SWSDI staff is comprised of expert coaches and former competitors. By rule, only the Head Coach or Assistant Coach of a member school may register for that school.