Dunkin donuts rant backfires when cold

dunkin donuts rant backfires when cold

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Rashida Tlaib, First Palestinian-American Congresswoman, Swarmed on Capitol Hill

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dunkin donuts rant backfires when cold

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Dunkin’ Donuts rant backfires. Employees get the raves.

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dunkin donuts rant backfires when cold

Like what you see here? Less noise. Chapman posted the video online, it went viral, and the online public vilified her while lauding Mr. Select free newsletters: But this one, at least, has a somewhat happy ending.


Monitor Movie Guide. By Schuyler Velasco Staff writer. Is the Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich worth a try? The Weekender. Two Dunkin' Donuts employees are being applauded for their handling of a racist rant from a customer, who posted the video of her outburst online.