Whole muscle graded contractions

We do not use the muscle twitch as part of our normal muscle responses.

whole muscle graded contractions

Term Does smooth muscle have connective tissue sheaths? In a relaxed muscle, these gates are closed and calcium cannot pass through the membrane.

whole muscle graded contractions

Many blood vessels and much myoglobin give this muscle its reddish appearance. In fact, even relaxed muscles are constantly being stimulated to produce muscle tone , the minimal graded contraction possible.

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This isolated contraction is called a twitch. Even though calcium is still present and a nervous impulse is being transmitted to the muscle , contraction or at least a strong contraction is not possible.

The characteristic 'striations' of skeletal and cardiac muscle are readily observable by light microscopy as alternating light and dark bands on longitudinal sections. Hypotonic muscles have a flaccid appearance and display functional impairments, such as weak reflexes. Length-Tension Relationship: Highly magnified view of a neuromuscular junction Hirsch 2007.

whole muscle graded contractions

Pyruvic acid is converted to a molecule called an acetyl group and put into a pathway known as the Krebs Cycle. Norenberg , S. It is from energy stored as the related molecule CP, creatine phosphate.

Widrick, J. Definition Changing the frequency of stimulus and changing the strength of stimulus.

whole muscle graded contractions

The reactant other than glucose is O 2. Definition Muscle contracts more vigorously as stimulus strength is increased. Definition Yes.

Muscle fiber types and their relative abundance cannot be varied by training, although there is some evidence that prior to maturation of the muscular system the emphasis on certain activities can influence their development.

Term What is the force of contraction controlled by?

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Term What are caveoli? Term What pathways do oxidative fibers use?

whole muscle graded contractions

However, the 'function' of impulses in muscle cells is to bring about contraction. However, holding your head in an upright position occurs not because the muscles cannot move the head, but because the goal is to remain stationary and not produce movement.

Eccentric contractions are also used for movement and balance of the body. Skeletal muscle is the muscle attached to the skeleton.