Who was federalist 10 written to speak

The Federalist Papers 10 and 51 (1788)

Nor, in many cases, can such an adjustment be made at all without taking into view indirect and remote considerations, which will rarely prevail over the immediate interest which one party may find in disregarding the rights of another or the good of the whole. In fact, the theory he advocated at Philadelphia and in his Federalist essays was developed as a republican substitute for the New Yorker's "high toned" scheme of state.

When a majority is included in a faction, the form of popular government on the other hand enables it to sacrifice to its ruling passion or interest, both the public good and the rights of other citizens. Direct democracies cannot effectively protect personal and property rights and have always been characterized by conflict.

The Federalist Papers Summary and Analysis of Essay 10

When Madison made this prophecy, the accepted opinion among all sophisticated politicians was exactly the opposite. Madison had found the answer to Montesquieu. The Same Subject continued. It was David Hume's speculations on the "Idea of a Perfect Commonwealth," first published in 1752, that most stimulated James Madison's' thought on factions.

who was federalist 10 written to speak

And what are the different classes of legislators but advocates and parties to the causes which they determine? The Federalist Papers essays are academic essays for citation.

who was federalist 10 written to speak

He identified Union as the subject matter of the first thirty-six Federalist essays and Republicanism as the subject matter of last forty-nine essays. Many of the Anti-Federalist writers, while not a cohesive, focused group like that that of Hamilton, Jay and Madison, were articulate critics and described serious concerns.

It will be found indeed, on a candid review of our situation, that some of the distresses under which we labor, have been erroneously charged on the operation of our governments; but it will be found at the same time, that other causes will not alone account for many of our heaviest misfortunes; and particularly, for that prevailing and increasing distrust of public engagements, and alarm for private rights, which are echoed from one end of the continent to the other.

who was federalist 10 written to speak

Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. The other point of difference is, the greater number of citizens and extent of territory which may be brought within the compass of republican than of democratic government; and it is this circumstance principally which renders factious combinations less to be dreaded in the former than in the latter.

Groups would be forced to negotiate and compromise among themselves, arriving at solutions that would respect the rights of minorities.

who was federalist 10 written to speak

I'm Still Here! Hence, it clearly appears, that the same advantage which a republic has over a democracy, in controlling the effects of faction, is enjoyed by a large over a small republic,—is enjoyed by the Union over the States composing it.

Property is divided unequally, and, in addition, there are many different kinds of property.

who was federalist 10 written to speak

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