Whats in my louis vuitton bag

This is by far my most utilized bag for everyday use.


There were no scratches or discoloration on the canvas, although the bottom of the bag had some watermarks. I know right!

whats in my louis vuitton bag

Oh wow! Do you have any info. The leather trim has a wonderful patina and has endured being used as a diaper bag, rainstorms, and my past kitty Toby slightly trying to gnaw on it. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. I love this bag and after carrying it quite a bit recently, after having a long term break from it, I realized just how large it is.

What’s in My Bag // LV Neverfull MM

I do believe that each bag serves a different purchase, however I do not own the PM size, so I cannot speak for that. Search this website. The trim was the perfect caramel color and in overall good condition. Have you done any comparisons of quality over the years?

whats in my louis vuitton bag

I think I am going to be purchasing the GM. Your Cart. Morgan, I am planning on buying the Monogram Neverfull.

whats in my louis vuitton bag

I hope you found it helpful! Tiffany August 31st, 2018 at 4: Just curious why you chose the azure over the ebene?

whats in my louis vuitton bag

What size laptop do you have? I love your story. I was thinking of selling it but your write up has sparked a new love for it and I shall start using it again.

Are their bags that are not ever made fake?