What is the other 999 number phone

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what is the other 999 number phone

Here are the other "quick-dial" codes not all of which work in all locations: Bookmark with: I think the last of the "not capable" exchanges was decomissioned in the early 00's, but AFAIK 911 is still not officially admitted or sanctioned to be a valid emergency number - it's a case of "it's not guaranteed to work so we're never going to say it does, and anyone who uses it does so at their own risk". Throughout that year 57,000 emergency calls were for the police, out of a total of 92,000. Well, there are 3 different situations in the US: Getting emergency services to the scene The radio operator contacts the police officers on the ground via a direct link to their body-worn radios.

The emergency number you can dial from a mobile phone anywhere in the world

It's certainly worth a try... In the US, you can try it, you'll get either a recording indicating it's an invalid number, or a busy signal, or, if it happens to be a valid area code, the phone may wait for you to finish. The other emergency number is 112, and the most important thing about this number is that it can be dialled from a mobile phone anywhere in the world.

For technical reasons I once knew, this was either easier or more convenient to the General Post Office as it was in those days if the number 9 was used - perhaps someone with a better memory than me can explain this. Arguably, 1 and 0 would be easier to find, but you can't have a telephone number of "000" because 0 at the start indicates an STD call, and the three pulses "111" would be too similar to a slowly-dialled "3".

what is the other 999 number phone

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what is the other 999 number phone

Guides and advice Problems with Microsoft's latest OS? This means that should you unfortunately have an accident next time you are abroad you do not need to know the dialling code or emergency number for the country you are visiting.

What happens when you call 999? The secrets of the emergency services number

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