What is the best eggplant to grow

what is the best eggplant to grow

Also, Companion Planting and tomatoes go hand in hand. Meals In A Jar. References 6 University of Illinois Extension: When cutting the fruit from the plant, leave the calyx—the protective green petals at the top of the fruit—and an inch or so of stem intact to prevent rot.

what is the best eggplant to grow

Like other warm-season transplants, including tomatoes and peppers , eggplants should not be moved out into the garden until daytime temperatures regularly stay above 60 degrees F and nights above 50 degrees F. The Best Eggplant to Plant.

8 Eggplant Varieties You Need to Try

Most varieties produce best in warm climates. Related Articles: Some sources say the plant will need ideally 12 to 14 hours of light.

what is the best eggplant to grow

Only the bigger, purple coloured eggplants need this, particularly if you have let them go a bit wrinkly and past it! Skip to main content.

The Secret to Growing the Most Flavorful Eggplants

Last season I kept some of those in a jar, they turned into pupae and then into what looked like a moth. Growing eggplant in containers requires fertilizing as often as needed to maintain steady growth and good leaf color. Any variety that will fit inside a wide-mouth, pint-size canning jar will work well. No fancy knife work is necessary, and the pieces can easily be cut to a uniform size for fast and even cooking.

With swift action you can prevent a late blight outbreak from killing off all your tomatoes.

The Best Eggplant to Plant

Asian varieties have firmer flesh and are more suited for stir fries and grilling. Also, check to see that the eggplants are not mulched right up to the stem… this can cause awful things to happen! September Temperate Areas: The flowers can be white to purple in color, with bright-yellow anthers.