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We were 15 plus hours into the 120-mile Ausable River Canoe Thirty-three hours later, I woke up from being unconscious. Jerry Patton Phone: The TCRA is about racing, but we are also about conservation.

If we try to replace all the electrolytes we some clean underwear. Dick Ulbrich going hard for 2nd place, C1 Man Senior. Rick Lorenzen It may be getting cold, but we are still paddling.

After the pre-race meeting, I laid out my plan. Races for 2017: Those of you who were there know this. Most of us older guys started with aluminum and its only fitting to finish with aluminum. I competed in Nationals on Friday and Sunday, and rested on Saturday.

The good part is we did the whole race and didn't yell at each other the entire time. Joanna Faloon ON.

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The adults enjoyed the event as much as more, in some cases than the kids and youth. We just kept hammering along the shore feeling the boat ride off the shore wave. Dave Ahlgren Phone: New York, with ten times.

14th Annual St. Joe River Races

Complete results are below. All the race directors I knew had been lucky to pick up a local sponsorship. After ly worsened. Thanks also go to all of you who came out to compete.

The congratulations are deserved. Gareth Stevens. Tom Yarosh NY.