Specific places where zebras live

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Equidae Classification: Try it risk-free for 30 days. Mating Season: Beverly Joubert.

specific places where zebras live

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specific places where zebras live

They are also known to eat shrubs, herbs, twigs, leaves and bark. Grassland Range: They are endemic to Angola and Namibia and usually live in small groups of about 7 to 12 individuals.

Mountain zebras are great climbers and would rather be in the stony hills and high mountains than on flat ground. Login or Sign up.

Where do Zebras Live?

Ask a parent or guardian to check it out first and remember to stay safe online. Conservation Status: It's estimated that more than 700,000 individual common zebras live in the wild, a number that dwarfs the populations of the other zebra species.

The distinct black and white stripes of the zebra Equus spp. They also dig in the ground to find water!

Basic Facts About Zebras

The mountain zebra's stripes are wider apart than its other two cousins, and you can easily tell it by a flap of skin, or dewlap, that grows on their throats. Your selected plan: Mountain zebras Equus zebra are classified into two subspecies, Hartmann's mountain zebras and Cape mountain zebras.

specific places where zebras live

Zebra's Habitat: Close up of zebra tail: Biology Lesson Plans: Chemistry for Elementary... The Selous' zebra subspecies is listed as critically endangered of all the plains zebra, which are mostly found in Mozambique.

The largest zebra migration has been seen in Kenya and the Serengeti plains of Tanzania.

specific places where zebras live

Types of Habitats With the many species of zebra, few zebra species have advanced habitats in contrast to others. Where do plains zebras live? Not sure what college you want to attend yet?

specific places where zebras live