Quietcool qc cl-4700 whole house fan

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That leave us with. Barometric Pressurized R5 dampers.

quietcool qc cl-4700 whole house fan

Signal goes through doors, walls and windows. Motor Voltage: Ft By Dividing By 144 3. Ceiling Rough Opening: Installing a QC CL-4700 inline whole house fan allows you to efficiently cool your home and attic.

Minimum suggested attic venting is 5.

QuietCool Whole House Fan

Works up to 60 feet. Ceiling Grill Outside Dimension: Home About Us Contact Us.

quietcool qc cl-4700 whole house fan

Related Products In This Category: You may use an optional remote control or a hard wired switch. Control Options: Works with LED lights.

quietcool qc cl-4700 whole house fan

This whole house fan also runs very quietly. Intake Grill Color: One Hub needed for each fan motorhead. This whole house fan is also easy to run. Motor Head Diameter: Listen to the CL-4700 Run. But since our vent is screened, we would take our 1 sq.