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5 Highest Paying Paralegal Jobs

Our legal practice is seeking to hire a Paralegal to join our team of legal researchers. For many companies, the high cost of lawyers and their support staff makes it more economical to have an in-house legal department, rather than to retain outside counsel. Video of the Day.

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paralegal job description ehow website

Paralegals and legal assistants should also possess the following specific qualities: So you can opt for a cozy lifestyle with livable hours or make some serious cash. Job Description of a Litigation Associate. If lawyers decide to file lawsuits on behalf of clients, paralegals may help prepare the legal arguments and draft documents to be filed with the court. As many clients increasingly seek less costly alternatives for legal services, the demand for good paralegals continues to remain robust.

paralegal job description ehow website

A well-trained paralegal will acquire skills through formal education as well as on the job. Many paralegals use computer software to catalog documents, and to review documents for specific keywords or subjects.

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On the other hand, crazy hours are impossible to avoid at many large law firms. Paralegals need good research and investigative skills to conduct legal research. The rest of the good news is that you get paid extra for these hours. The second rule is to be prepared. For example, a litigation paralegal may only review legal material for internal use, maintain reference files, conduct research for lawyers, or collect and organize evidence for hearings. The U.

paralegal job description ehow website

Most paralegals and legal assistants work full time. Most certificate programs provide intensive paralegal training for people who already hold college degrees.

Litigation Paralegal job description

At school, the student will learn many aspects of the legal system as a whole. Pick 10 more places or change your focus. Choosing which route to take often depends on program costs, residency, the student's needs, and future employment goals. However, real estate paralegals are strictly prohibited from conferring any legal advice.

paralegal job description ehow website

Salary estimates reported in the 2009 edition of the U. Belasco, Jason.

Paralegal Career

Paralegals are an important part of our legal system working at the forefront of affordable legal assistance both for their employers and the public. They might work for law firms , corporations, the government, and in other practice environments, but always under the supervision of a lawyer.

paralegal job description ehow website

The bad news is that many employers particularly large law firms won't let you escape with such normal hours.