Opera web browser crashes when scrolling

How to fix scroll issues in the Opera web browser

Graphics 1 Intel HD 4600 driver ver 10. Fingers crossed.. So, you're saying you're using the GPU built into the i5-2320? It is getting worse as more websites are getting affected. Loading More Posts 14 Posts.

However, there are very few online things for which I've needed to allow application cache. This information helps make Opera even more stable and reliable. Hardware accelerated Compositing: They all seem to be working fine, apart from some slight formatting errors elements overlapping and that sort of thing which is pretty par for the course with Opera 12 now sadly on many sites.

opera web browser crashes when scrolling

In extreme cases, you may need to mask as another browser. Reply Reply as topic. Any idea where I should look? I renamed the profile and youtube seems to work again, thank you. Deleted User last edited by Hi, Reporting back after several days - turbo mode off and no further page freezes AP.

This could be caused by website authors tailoring their services for one particular web browser. To help you find what you were looking for, the error page also includes search suggestions. Java is also supported provided it is installed , and is the most widely used language for embedded programs on the web. Program FilesOperaProgramPlugins.

Two settings appeared to be causing major problems, and, with both disabled, I'm noticing huge performance improvements.

opera web browser crashes when scrolling

Anything could lead to a crash, even a thumbnail, but with "show all replies" it happens almost every time. What's with you, Opera?

opera web browser crashes when scrolling

That was nice. On my work PC, I'm not experiencing the same issues. I don't know the exact cause of endless websites crashing, it's likely some software bug occuring when a page uses a lot of memory.

That's really weird that turning off that setting would do that. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions. But in my case I really don't know why this is happening, I had no hardware alterations and the tabs I've got open are the same I usually have on Opera. And more pertinent to the browser, do you close it periodically?