Loose cannon doctor who dvd news

Lost In Time — Part 1 — The Destruction of Time — A documentary looking at the story of how and why missing episodes being wiped along with why what survived still exists.

So, how can the missing stories be watched?

loose cannon doctor who dvd news

You are commenting using your WordPress. Production featurette Kevin Stoney interview Extra: Also, its a bit late but I would have also liked if maybe all the classic spines, when lined up made something, I know its a bit frivolous but it would look brilliant.

loose cannon doctor who dvd news

Mission to the Unknown animated? I think the best thing would be licenses or whatever for the Loose Cannon reconstructions to be released in season boxsets with already released stuff.

BBC Worldwide actually deserve far greater recognition than has been given for the superb consistency in design they have maintained throughout the classic DVD range — believe it or not this is the FIRST time it has ever been accomplished, the VHS releases had a truly nightmarish hotch-potch of different logos, changed seemingly on a whim by incoming designers, no consistency at all; same with the Target books — such a pity as the content was, by and large, excellent.

What Next For Doctor Who Classic DVDs?

In 2000 the BBC began the process of creating digital copies, which has presented its own issues. I think splitting them up into multi story chapters and volumes per doctor would be wisest and make sense rather than doing the seasons.

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loose cannon doctor who dvd news

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Only link from image hosting websites like Photobucket or Flickr. Any new releases will be worth getting if they again add new material. A Theory " article on doctorwhotv.

loose cannon doctor who dvd news

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loose cannon doctor who dvd news