How to winterize motorcycle tires

For your finances Getting there. Few things beat cruising down the highway on a warm summer day. The following steps are helpful guidelines to assist you in winterizing your motorcycle to assure come spring, you can get back on the road with little trouble.

But in this case, the repair is more involved and often more expensive than a simple plunger.

How not to winterize your motorcycle: Nine mistakes riders make

Startron is a personal favorite among the staff and local customers here at Motorcycle Closeouts , but there are many options out on the market, each with its own merit.

Neither route is a silver bullet, but for modern fuel-injected machines and carb bikes in good working order, just stabilize, fill and fire right up come Spring. If you can get both wheels off the ground with motorcycle stands, this would provide the most optimal situation for storage. Begin with the dirty parts, such as the chain and brakes.

how to winterize motorcycle tires

Battery Maintenance — Dr. Well, not the gas technically , but the additives that occur in most all pump gas. This makes sure all the old, nasty fluid is out. Your motorcycle engine requires an unhindered supply of clean gasoline to operate.

how to winterize motorcycle tires

Yep, simply forget these storage tips, and convince the significant other that the bike needs to reside in the living room. Want more?

How To Prepare Your Motorcycle For Long-Term & Winter Storage

You will lose more in battery power than you would ever gain back. How to winterize a motorcycle Lemmy. Strategically placed moth balls will also help keep those nasty, wire-eating mice away. And considering I change my brake and clutch fluid twice a year, this saves a step in the beginning of the riding season.

You needn't bother to drain your gas tank, as some will recommend.

Motorcycle Storage: 7 Ways to Keep Winter from Trashing Your Ride

You will have a weaker battery after letting it idle, not a healthier one. A thin coat of Vaseline to the terminals on the battery can prevent corrosion.

how to winterize motorcycle tires

If you have a carbureted bike, be sure to turn the petcock off and drain the carb bowls. Notify of new replies to this comment. If neither one of these are an option, consider slightly overinflating the tires and moving the bike from time to time, so the tire is not in the same position for months on end.