How to wear set saree kerala style

how to wear set saree kerala style

The mundum neriyathum that is adorned during the festive times for ornamental purposes is woven a bit differently. The Kerala or the kasavu saree has a golden border that is made from either the weaving of pure gold threads or that of copper or done artificially colored golden threads. The kara or simple and straight lines that run along the border of the saree make it distinct.

how to wear set saree kerala style

Let us know how it went for you in the comments below. If you are interested in seeing only the required steps, feel free to scroll further down the page. For this Kerala saree style, the mundum neriyathum saree, the basic requirement is the traditional piece of clothing called as the mundu or the lower garment while the neriyathum is the upper garment that comes over the mundu.

Whereas the upper part of the clothing item, the neriyathum, is just the modern version of the thin scarf like item that that was supposed to be worn from the right shoulder to the left shoulder.

how to wear set saree kerala style

This makes it the perfect choice for weddings. The Keralite festival of Onam is the time when women of all ages and backgrounds wear the traditional mundum neriyathum for taking part in the folk dance called as kaikottikalli that is only meant for the ladies.

Then you will bring the garment along the right hand side, covering the hips and diagonally drop it at the left shoulder. As you have already understood, the piece of cloth that is referred to as mundu forms the lower part of the whole garment and it is worn below the navel, covering the areas around the hips, which has a striking similarity to the mundu, the lower garment of the men in Kerala. The mundu neriyathum has a variety of names and variations across the state and ages and the saree is known by many names such as Set mundu, Kasavu mundu, Mundu-sari, set-sari, or set veshti.

The color of the blouses to be worn with the cotton kasavu saree is determined by the age and the marital status of the women. Sometimes, instead of the kara, simple motifs of peacock or temple designs are also used for the border and the pallu.

Mundum Neriyathum is the traditional style of clothing of the women in Kerala, South India. The tradition of having colored borders in the modern day mundum neriyathum must have been a direct inspiration from that of the Greco-Roman palla or palmyrene as it was then known.

How To Drape: Mundum Neriyathum Or Kerala Kasavu Saree

The varieties of mundum neriyatham are adorned by the population as the basic drape as well as the distinct traditional Kerala saree style for the festive times such as the Onam.

This clothing item is in fact one of the few remains of the pre-Hindu Buddhist-Jain culture which was once avidly followed in Kerala and the parts of South India too. How To Wear Bridal Saree ].

The tradesmen of the Malabar Coast in India had a flourishing system of trade and commerce with those of the Mediterranean world from ancient times. The whole attire of mundum neriyathum consists of consists of two pieces of cloth items and can be worn in both ways, either in the traditional style by keeping the neriyathum tucked inside the blouse or in the contemporary style with the neriyathum put over the left shoulder for ease of movement.

The word mundu actually signifies the resemblance of the ancient form of clothing which was called as antariya that was worn as a lower garment but in a special way.

How to Wear Kerala Style Saree Step by Step - Quick Sari Draping Tutorial

Email me my favorite vendors list. Even though nowadays the most common style of draping the saree is considered as the nivi drape, yet the mundu neriyathum style is frequently followed in Kerala and parts of South India. An Affair To Remember: