How to use quotation marks lesson plan

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how to use quotation marks lesson plan

Quotation marks Q: You may be able to develop your own worksheet or modify this lesson for use without the worksheet. Mae Sheilou Lamzon Conserva.

And I Quote: A Punctuation Proofreading Minilesson

If time permits, groups may switch bags to complete the task again with a new sentence. English Tutoring in Top Cities:. Create an Account. Put on your thinking hats.

how to use quotation marks lesson plan

They demonstrate understanding of grammar, select vocabulary from a range of resources and use accurate spelling and punctuation, editing their work to improve meaning. Challenge students who need a greater challenge to insert the speech tag in the middle of one of their sentences.

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Punctuating Dialogue

Grade Level: E-Mail Brad Moore! School name: Give each pair a quotation mark poser and some short curly noodles, which will act as quotation marks.

how to use quotation marks lesson plan

Once students have been given time to find the quotations, the teacher will ask for students to raise their hands and point out the quotations they found.