How to make paper copters

how to make paper copters

Fold on the dotted lines. Try this activity to find out! If you want to read our privacy policy before subscribing, hop over here. What do you observe as you add more and more paper clips? Those are so fun! Try out a bunch of different ideas to see what happens. You will be the first to see new videos rather than having to wait a week or two for me to add them to the blog!!

Once the whirlybird does start spinning, it should "helicopter" slowly to the ground.

How To Make A Paper Helicopter

Now, attach a paper clip to the bottom part of the whirlybird and drop it again. If you want, you can use crayons or markers to color your Roto-Copter before you fold it. The circle is the target area and the bowl is the bull's-eye. Now bend the blades in opposite directions-if blade A was bent toward you and blade B was bent away, bend B toward you and A away.

Do you think it will fall faster? I made a cutting file from your instructions so my Silhouette machine can now cut as many as I want!

how to make paper copters

Now drop the whirlybird a couple more times—in the same fashion, from the same height. As you add paper clips, the whirlybird should fall faster and faster until eventually it drops so fast that it does not spin at all.

Paper Helicopter DIY – STEM for Kids

Print out the Roto-Copter pattern. You will receive weekly emails with project ideas and occasional offers on creative products. Ok Read more. The colors will blur together when it spins.

how to make paper copters

What if you make the wings curved instead of rectangular? Lift is an upward pushing force that occurs when the blades of a helicopter rotate and a difference in air pressure is created on either side of the blades.