How to do a pakistani accent

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I do not have many hours but can definitely squeeze in a couple of hours for devoting to either imitating an accent or probably learning a new exotic language. No, create an account now. How to Behave on an Internet Forum. There is not much vocabulary to learn in the first place. Sep 24, 2012 1. Hollywood movies are dirt cheap in Pakistan and coupled with cable channels so was my inclination towards it. Niger Communicates Marines: CZAR , Feb 25, 2013 , in forum: That's not going to be changed any time sooner.

how to do a pakistani accent

Most ethnic Norwegians listen, but don't talk that much English, hence they have a very bad pronounciation and vocabulary. But I was driving around with my little brother the other day, telling some story, and for admittedly no reason I dropped into an Indian accent to deliver the punchline.

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is pakistani and indian accent the same?

While making fun of a stereotypical Chinese accent or "black" speech patterns is today widely understood to be off limits, giggling at a strong Indian accent still seems to be up for grabs — whether you're South Asian or not.

Pakistani accents tend to be more even toned. He also said that he will build the world's tallest building in pakistan if you go to the link above and read the whole article. Sep 24, 2012 9.

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Sep 24, 2012 5. Originally Posted by Cricket-o-Saurus. We Indians have one good thing abt us...... The only company i know that has invested in Pakistan is an unknown company..

how to do a pakistani accent

I have an American accent. Russell Peters , the Canadian-Indian stand-up comic, has a great bit about this:.

how to do a pakistani accent

At least, this will keep their yound men away from suicide bombing and jihadi mentality.