How to create a pen crossbow

Construct a better seat out of piece of fabric. Reply 10 years ago on Introduction.

How to Make a Pen Crossbow

Awesome picture! It involves fire, projectiles, electricity, and is easy to put together from commonly available parts. It was in such a time that I came up with this little crossbow. Secure everything with more tape. Pull the drawstring back and hook it into the clip.

how to create a pen crossbow

It's not really trapped. Kinja is in read-only mode.

Make a Mini Crossbow Out of a Pen

Tvman 11 years ago on Introduction. You don't want the pencils to get loose or roll over on each other. We also found that Q-tips shoot really well!

Note that the end of this new diagonal support will be about 1 inch 2.

how to create a pen crossbow

NathanStrickland 6 years ago on Introduction. Tiny binder clip. Apple broke the trend for smaller 7-inch tablets with their iPad mini, which is just under 8-inch... Reply 6 years ago on Introduction.

how to create a pen crossbow

It is possible you may need several pieces of tape to fasten the bands together securely. There are some advanced techniques that I don't cover in this guide, but these are the basics.

Bic Pen Crossbow

Robo1 10 years ago on Introduction. You use them when you get Chinese takeout, then toss them out without even a backwards glance. I saw that some of the top search engine requests were how to make paper weaponry, and yet there were few results wo... Finally, take the mini binder clip and put hot glue on one side and press down.

how to create a pen crossbow

Share it with us! Watch this tutorial to learn how to paint very sexy lace corsets on your talons for nails that become their own fashion accessories.

Using a pen will be better because the paper will most likely bend in many directions.

how to create a pen crossbow

Tape up the ends by wrapping the tape all the way around the tube at both ends. Again, you should secure the tubes by taping up the ends and open side, and make sure that the tube is as tight and evenly rolled as possible. This new tube will be used to give your shoulder stock more support.

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