How far did i walk melbourne

how far did i walk melbourne

Yeah, one of the five litre bottles would be the wise thing to do. Step 2 Click on the route to add a Point of Interest.


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how far did i walk melbourne

For more information, please visit www. Like others have said, you'll have to find the route that doesn't use any freeways. The Sky is Falling.

Maybe mixed with those electrolyte packets. Is it too optimistic to try this in a single day? Graph showing distances and directions to other locations. This makes the walk attractive and informative for other walkers.

The 80km in 16 hours Google says is for if you kept your pace at a very brisk walk all day. Stop by Little river for lunch, and you should reach werribee by dusk.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Wilson Botanic Park Walk, Berwick.

Distance from Melbourne to ...

Whatever you do, don't walk on the M1, because that would probably be illegal or foolish most likely both. Palau - Ngerulmud. I needed to clear my head.

how far did i walk melbourne

We will never share your personal details name, email, phone, address. I was thinking of doing it in one go - like a 12-16 hour run.

Light and Fluffy News. Click the photo to find walks that will excite and inspire you to explore what is at your own doorstep, take a scenic stroll around our premier tourist destinations or find beach, lake or nature walks.