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This session will explore the implications of coproduction for transforming UME and GME and will include examples from two diverse educational programs guided by coproduction principles who have realized meaningful educational outcomes.

This session will explore the ways hospitals are reevaluating or updating their policies to protect both patients and providers in light of these biased-patient experiences. No entry is allowed after the doors close. Achieving Health Equity by Legal Intervention: This session is limited to the first 100 attendees.

Participation is by invitation only. In this session, you will learn about storytelling as a leadership tool, hear examples of impactful stories from experienced leaders in academic medicine and science, and experiment with a format for telling your own stories in order to drive emotional engagement and commitment. Institutions can leverage social justice advocacy and faculty and student activism to create more inclusive educational, workplace, and patient care environments.

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Resident-physician Rachel Pearson strongly believes medicine should not entrench poverty, inequality, or bias; it can and should be a force for justice and human flourishing.

Research in Medical Education RIME paper presentations offer an opportunity to participate in a forum for scholarly interaction and the exchange of new ideas while hearing presentations on the latest medical education research. Now in its fifth year, the EPAC program has recently successfully transitioned students to residency in a time-variable manner.

Yet, despite sustained holistic admission practices, racial and ethnic diversity lags behind other diversity markers.

Separate Registration Required We invite you to attend this meeting and become part of a renewed action-oriented organization seeking to expand partnerships, develop innovative solutions, and deepen our understanding of BA-MD programs and their important role in the national conversation about premedical and medical education.

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Every physician has encountered patients with mental illness, but how much do we really know about the current state of mental health in our nation and how policies seeking to solve issues may have done just the opposite?

The SJT is an assessment that evaluates applicants based on their knowledge of pre-professional competencies, such as interpersonal skills and reliability and dependability. OSR Birds of a Feather: Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Bakke, which set the stage for robust efforts to help achieve the educational and professional benefits for all students that are associated with diverse learning experiences. Lone Star Ballroom Salon C.

In discussing scholarly writing, the participants will decide on the type of feedback they would give to the authors of the sample paper.

Ballroom EF. This session will highlight institutions that have 1 designed wellness programs for clinical students, 2 implemented holistic wellness programs that have specific adaptations for clinical students, or 3 established programs with robust mental health treatment for students and residents.

No invitation is necessary. Participants will hear an expert perspective on this model and learn about the central role of the trainee in the health care team. David J.