Who creates the executive departments

Other HHS agencies ensure the safety and effectiveness of the nation's food supply and drugs, work to prevent outbreaks of communicable diseases, and provide health services to the nation's American Indian and native Alaskan populations. It maintains contacts and relations between the United States and foreign countries, advises the president on recognition of new foreign countries and governments, negotiates treaties and agreements with foreign nations, and speaks for the United States in the United Nations and in more than 50 other major international organizations.

Fair housing laws, administered by HUD, are designed to ensure that individuals and families can buy a dwelling without being subjected to housing discrimination. August 4, 1977. One of the main differences between an executive agency and a legislative agency is that the president may remove the head of an executive agency at any time with or without cause.

Federal executive departments of the United States of America. Executive Departments of the present All departments are listed by their present-day name and only departments with past or present cabinet-level status are listed. Federal judiciary Supreme Court Courts of appeals District courts.

Executive Agencies

The department directs the separately organized military departments of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force, as well as each service academy and the National War College, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and several specialized combat commands. Department of the Navy.

who creates the executive departments

The department represents the U. Some presidents have relied heavily on them for advice, others lightly, and some few have largely ignored them.

United States federal executive departments

Its largest component, the Social Security Administration, pools contributions from employers and employees to pay benefits to workers and their families who have retired, died or become disabled. Seal of the Department of Transportation. Outline Index. Homeland Security. Postal Service; operates the Secret Service, which protects the president, the vice president, their families, and visiting dignitaries and heads of state; suppresses counterfeiting of U.

The president has the power to appoint the heads of each department. Reorganized as quasi-independent agency, United States Postal Service.

Order of Establishment of the Executive Departments

Seal of the Department of State. It regulates the sale of alcohol, tobacco and firearms in interstate and foreign commerce; supervises the printing of stamps for the U. US State Law. Library of Congress is first. A few examples of well-known executive agencies include:.

who creates the executive departments

Department of the Interior. Administrative agencies are created to develop, enforce, and oversee the voluminous rules and regulations currently in force in the United States. Department of the Air Force. A major agency within the department is the Drug Enforcement Administration DEA , which administers narcotics and controlled substances laws, and tracks down major illicit drug trafficking organizations.

who creates the executive departments