Who are you hunger games test study

I also like the actors espacially Katniss, she is really great. I love The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is now a very successful film. It moved to "Victory Village". Her father died and now she has to kill animals for her family to eat.

who are you hunger games test study

A fight to the death The story is set in the future, after the destruction of North America. Book review level 1 - answers.

who are you hunger games test study

Too much violence? Peeta Mellark.

The Hunger Games: book review – level 1

You are so great. The country is called Panem. This is so genial! Where did the idea for The Hunger Games come from? It is the first book for young readers to sell a million electronic books and you can buy it in 26 different languages. I love The Hunger Games, it's my favorite movie!! Check your understanding: The Armpit.

The Hunger Games Quiz 1

I heard about the movie, but very seldom heard about books and her author. Coal Miners. I am A Tribute!!!! When Clove was just about to kill Katniss, she was attacked and later killed by Thresh. I haven't read the book, but the film was very amazing and exciting. The film retract most violence, but not influence the spectators because it's not something we live in our daily lives. Her victory of the Hunger Games.

Her hunting ability. Katniss is a protagonist very fearless and good person. And Clove... It takes you to another world and like I always say, fictional worlds are better than the real world:

who are you hunger games test study