When the familiar becomes unfamiliar fishes

Sarah Vowell Does Hawaii

While shoyu chicken and white rice are mentioned in the plate lunch, a few individuals such as Chinn Ho and Hiram Fong make appearances, and although she describes the influx of Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino plantation workers, the Asian-American presence is similar to the Filipina waitress mentioned on the penultimate page. Vowell recounts how the legal complexities the Great Mahele of 1848 including the bizarre concept of private ownership of once communal lands failed to provide access to land for the vast majority of the indigenous population for whom private property was an alien idea.

when the familiar becomes unfamiliar fishes

This may alienate some, such as the contemporary descendants of the missionaries she so joyously teases, but one would hope that the strength of her prose, her sincere efforts to explore this conflicted history, and her reliance on fairly strong secondary and, more limited, primary sources will win over those put off by her style and politics.

The book ends with the seemingly inescapable force of the combined American economic, political, and strategic interests exploding in the "four-month orgy of imperialism.

when the familiar becomes unfamiliar fishes

Yet the socio-economic cat was out of the bag, and native elites began to enjoy cash payments for products from the land. Native American tribes living on the plains of the Midwest found themselves in a similar situation. As Vowell's focus is the haole - kanaka relationship of the nineteenth century, this is understandable. Please upgrade your browser.

when the familiar becomes unfamiliar fishes

Unfamiliar Fishes , published in 2011, is her most recent book, focusing on the arrival of New England missionaries in the Hawaiian islands. As part of this process, control of land was transferred from royal possession to popular ownership as private property.

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Boarding schools sprang up across the Midwest at the turn of the twentieth century, of which many Native American children were forced to attend. Riverhead Books.

No comments: American history is filled with situations such as this. However, as with forests in places as remote as Timor in previous centuries, sandalwood proved to be a short-lived export crop as the trees take far too long to replace once harvested. To learn more about Sarah Vowell and her work, visit here.

when the familiar becomes unfamiliar fishes

She asks how it came to be that Japanese-style chicken and macaroni salad are standard fare in contemporary popular Hawaiian cuisine. Posted by Matt Eaton at 7: The kapu system was kaput.

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