What shape sunglasses will suit means

A round face lacks natural definition, so look for sunglasses that add it.

Sunglasses - Style and Face Shape

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what shape sunglasses will suit means

The oval is considered the holy grail of face shapes. Look out for angular frames. Get started by choosing your face shape. Internet Explorer Chrome Firefox Safari.

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Oversized frames help to create the illusion of a wider, shorter face. Proper fitting sunglasses can give you a stylish look all your own like Geordi Laforge or Elton John.

A good rule of thumb, whether you have a rounded face or a more angular one, is to look for frames that are the opposite of your face shape.

what shape sunglasses will suit means

Look at your measurements and comparing them to each other, determine which shape of face you are below. Almost anything will suit, just keep proportion in mind. All about contact lenses. Sunglasses Style Aviator Originally popularized by pilots, Hawaii Five-0, and Tom Cruise, aviator-style sunglasses have become a favorite of many others worldwide.

what shape sunglasses will suit means

Fitness Nutrition Mental Health. Shop Aviator sunglasses.

How To Choose The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Forehead width. To measure your face, stand in front of a mirror and follow these steps: Reset your Password Please enter the temporary password that was sent to you by email. Another style that looks good on almost any face shape just ask The Blues Brothers , these are incredibly versatile frames. Select your face shape below to see recommended sunglasses or glasses.

Step 2: Diamond faces feature a narrow jawline and defined chin.

How to pick sunglasses to suit your face shape

Giorgio Armani AR8008. These will work in perfect balance with the curves of your facial structure and bring the attention up slightly from your cheeks to your wonderful eyes! Oval Oval faces have it made because literally every frame looks awesome!