What happen to the group immature

what happen to the group immature

Or was it? They also appeared in the movie House Party 4: DaliaA April 21, 2017 at 8: Next, Immature went from a bunch of low-rent rappers to miniature sex symbols.

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what happen to the group immature

I once heard he had an eye injury before they released that album. In 2001, the group released the self-titled IMx. Sadly, the journey was just about over for Immature.

What Ever Happened to: Immature

Look at their sophomore album cover, with the rose petals strewn all over the floor. They also appeared on a two-part episode of A Different World, portraying students who gave the character Whitley a hard time on her first day as a teacher.

what happen to the group immature

The title track , featuring Smooth and an annoying video where old people get FUNKAY at a nursing home, wound up being the centerpiece. In 1998 the group changed its name to IMx, feeling that the name "Immature" kept them from being treated seriously as young adult male artists. Subscribe now. Death Row fiasco, but nobody was really talking about Immature as much.

Marques Houston Shares How Ty Dolla Sign Became a Member of Immature

While remaining their drummer, he became a full-time member of the group. At this time, all the members were between 8 and 9 years old. The following year, the group released Introducing IMx.

what happen to the group immature

As Immature, the group released two Gold certified singles accompanied with two Gold certified albums. And it was trash.