What are the most widely used metals

what are the most widely used metals

There are other substances equally precious, even more precious than gold, that you must get to know better. It has the highest strength to weight ratio of all the metals.

Five Most Commonly Used Metals

Emilian Robert Vicol flickr. Being known as one of the earliest metals discovered by man, copper still is among one of the widely used metals in the word.

what are the most widely used metals

Related Posts. Copper Information Zinc Unlike copper, zinc is very brittle and hard. Gold is best measured by fire assay method. Jurii 3. Titanium is found to be stronger, durable and corrosion resistive in comparison to steel.

World’s 10 most precious metals

It is anti corrosive, and therefore it is primarily used in galvanization, for example coating of iron and steel. Alchemist-hp 7. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

The reason for this ultra-expensive price is its rarity as only 8 grams have ever been made since 1950 and this extra-rare metal only last around 5 years. Despite the invention and over-usage of plastic in most industrial applications, metals still rule manufacturing industries. C ommonly used for its reflective properties — in objects like search lights, mirrors and jewelry finish. It is also used in solid rocket fuel and thermite. Parts of Russia and North and South America.

Version 1. All these properties, along with its light weight, make it an ideal metal for spacecrafts and military jets.

what are the most widely used metals

It is also used in batteries along with lead. Used in high-temperature turbine engines and added to nickel-based superalloys to improve temperature strength.

One of the densest elements on Earth, osmium is a bluish-silver metal.

what are the most widely used metals

Silver is also used in key ball mill electronic components. Platinum Platinum has made a name for itself through its malleability, density and non-corrosive properties.

what are the most widely used metals