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Robert Woods — Woods will likely see the most of Peterson, which makes him the fade of this group. All that said, he has yet to practice and hamstring injuries tend to linger. Hey folks. Maybe later.

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Top 3 RB. Also, he rotated out a lot. High-end QB2. In summary, I think we have to conclude that quite dumb men can still be of some use to some women. Keep an eye on the injury report. Ben Watson — Watson could be a decent sleeper this week against a defense that has generally been very giving to tight ends.

Stills played all but three snaps last week, and his volume makes him worth starting, despite the tough matchup. I'm very impressed with myself [laughs]. He's somebody who kinda has his own style. Trump is now disputing the death figures in Puerto Rico... Tyler Lockett — The Bears allowed the second most points to receivers last week, including 142 yards and a score to fellow slot receiver Randall Cobb.

He had to change direction there and was still able to deliver that hit. My colleague Dr Jeremy Sammut highlighted the socially destructive nature of this test, but the origins themselves are equally disturbing.

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Where is he better since maybe spring? I then take another 20-ish minutes to read a portion of the Old Testament, … Read more. In doing so, he made history, becoming the first Italian to claim a major title.

Top 12 QB.

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And that, too was aided by Ross. But it is an entirely different affair when they address their fellow kinsmen where their true pernicious intentions are exposed. S Open at Erin Hills.