How to trick your brother at night

Boxers and briefs have an opening for easy access when they really need to go. Hope you have found some Good Pranks to play that will provide loads of laughter!

how to trick your brother at night

We filled their team locker room with balloons …. I am at least 16 years of age. If the cereal has frozen solid, the entire contents of the bowl will lift out at the end of the spoon.

Then, have him put both of his palms down on a table while you place two full glasses of water over his hands.

These Quirky Pranks to Pull on Your Brother are Simply THE Coolest

Place the frozen cereal in front of your sibling and watch as they attempt to eat it. This will make the drink seem more believable.

When he woke up in the morning he had … Click here to write your own.

how to trick your brother at night

Bleeding gums ahoy! Put tape over all the light switches.

how to trick your brother at night

Teamwork Activities for Children. He received an envelope that looked like a bill, when he opened it sugar spilled every where from the fake bill. Try this one: Did this article help you? Add a few tablespoons of baby oil to the shampoo and shake it to mix it up. Search Search for: This works best when you have his least favorite TV show playing.

Top 10 Crazy Pranks to Pull on Your Brother

Make the string about the height of their head. Not rated yet My younger sister and I melted a chocolate bar, then wiped it on toilet paper and placed it all around the bathroom! Leave a fake cake on the counter. For safety sake, we have tried to keep things out of danger's reach.

Pick My Little Ponies , Teletubbies , or pictures of the cutest cats you've ever seen. Pranks to Pull on Friends. I have done this before and it works great! Team Building Activities for Adults. Funny Would You Rather Questions. Instead of getting water, he will be hit with a colorful spray that will probably stick with him for a few hours. Pranks are fun.

how to trick your brother at night