How to open stella rosa wine bottle

With the holidays behind us and only long winter days ahead of us, there is not much else to do but indulge in wine , and there is nothing like a rich red to warm you up after battling some winter weather.

how to open stella rosa wine bottle

Donovan Longo. Use our locator tool on StellaRosaWines.

The last trick that we propose uses a few more tools as compared to using just your shoe or backyard tree. Additionally some wine drinkers have opened a bottle of wine with a knife, and done so, mess free, by inserting a small-serrated knife into the cork and then twisting up, the cork should come out like if you were using a corkscrew.

how to open stella rosa wine bottle

While the shoe trick may be more practical, the tree technique could absolutely come in handy if camping or any other outdoor adventure. Like Twitter Email What do you think? First it is imperative that you remove the foil for the top of the bottle, secondly using a thick-soled shoe seems to yield the best results.

How to Open Wine in an Emergency with a Key - Life Hack

Image courtesy of Shutterstock. Their small size still pacts the same great taste of our Stella Rosa Black and Platinum but in a size that you can take with you on-the-go.

how to open stella rosa wine bottle

Share how great they are by sending a picture to our Facebook , Instagram or Twitter page with GoStella for a chance to enter a contest! Like us and Follow us. While there are some variations in techniques, there seem to be three main aspects to this opening that remain the same. More from Donovan Longo more articles.

No Corkscrew, No Problem! 5 Easy Ways To Open A Bottle of Wine!

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how to open stella rosa wine bottle

Donovan Longo, staff reporter, joined the Latin Times team in February 2013 and has quickly become our resident pop culture expert. We love going to the beach and we love wine.

how to open stella rosa wine bottle

That why, we have discovered 5 simple ways to open up a bottle of wine without using a corkscrew. Stella Rosa wines are packaged for convenience, durability and of course, to keep you stylish!

Luckily, apparently we are not alone in forgetting that one ever so vital apparatus, so drinkers everywhere are discovering new ways to forego the traditional corkscrew and still find a way to get a bottle of wine open. Close Font Resize. Each day is a great day for the beach, much like wine!