How to edit a mw2 montage pics

EvolutionX0 Follow Forum Posts: I enjoyed watching it music perfectly to my liking: It reminds me of this guy on another forum, he does commentary over his gameplay, gets about four to five times as many kills as the second place guy, and throughout the whole thing he sounds bored as hell, he gets killed at all and he goes batshit crazy over it. Now, if you watch this scene it pops up with text reading "Double Kill".

how to edit a mw2 montage pics

Firing randomly and killing someone isn't skill, it's luck. As for over edited, theres hardly any editing!

Could this be the greatest MW2 Montage ever created?

By tiff92 Posts 1224 05. Ellie87 Beta Tester Offline. I had a match last night, probably the worst i've ever done. Griddler Follow Forum Posts: And it's got absolutely nothing on: Thread Replies. Pessh Follow Forum Posts: BigCheese87 Offline.

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He might be good at sniping, but he has shit taste in music. All I see is a bunch of 1-3 second clips where he kills guys.

how to edit a mw2 montage pics

Coombs said: Look at the image at the top. Featuring clips mostly from MW2 only a few are from Battlefield this guy can really play this game properly, becuase, unlike most other montage videos, it isnt edited in a way to make the person look skilled.

how to edit a mw2 montage pics

I a not one for following trends so didn't want it to be the same. It should be like a montage with good montage music and not something someone came up with while taking a dump.

The Best Editing Montage I have Ever Seen - MW2

Far too long, poor music choices and mediocre clips. These montages are always ruined by crappy music and unnecessary editing.

how to edit a mw2 montage pics

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