How old is thami ka plaatjie

Abuti Thami, your letter is a terrible shame, man. Bosasa bribed its way into contracts.

Thami Ka Plaatjie appointed to SABC Board

Do you really believe that the Public Protector should not ask the question just because the same question has been asked by the opposition? I have always admired your work and your ability to stir up debate in public, but to use over ten superlatives that simply show your fake disgust at the protector — and this I choose to believe — is unlike you. Thami ka Plaatjie. Specialised units to be deployed in troubled Mamelodi. SABC chair and deputy resign 11 Mar 2013 09: A new loo: The presidency says President Jacob Zuma has received six more resignation letters from members of the South African Broadcasting Corporation board.

These total lies about such an important office are a shameful display of the worst kind of hypocrisy. Load More.

how old is thami ka plaatjie

This abusive article — aimed at a woman leader — exposes that you are not even half the leader that Madonsela is, and your tirade against her work is shameful defence of the indefensible, in the face of a scandal that even the ANC seeks to find a solution to.

You choose how much to contribute and how often monthly or annually and in exchange, you will receive a host of awesome benefits.

how old is thami ka plaatjie

Susan Booysen. Order Asc Desc.

Thami ka Plaatjie now ANC

Professor Balthazar. This is a flawed and lazy argument indeed, assuming that everything that the opposition does must be dismissed with contempt.

how old is thami ka plaatjie

Remember Me. Thami Ka Plaatjie wrote an open letter to the Public Protector, and its contents were so offensive that it moved this writer — who had sworn off open letters forever — to write back. Toggle navigation.