How long first period last after birth

how long first period last after birth

Resend Email Verification. When changes in a woman's period are painful or otherwise troubling, it is best to speak to a doctor, who can help relieve the symptoms.

Periods after Pregnancy

Borda, M. Well my first period after having Bub's lasted 2 weeks! Additional information.

how long first period last after birth

It could be just that their hormones need a little extra time to get in the groove. Tian C - August 20, 2018. Sign in to reply. Others find that the blood is a different color, that there are more clots than usual, or that cramps are more intense.

5 Things You Need to Know About Your Post-Baby Period

Thank you for signing up! The hormonal changes that cause your body to have your period may also influence your breast milk. The endometrial lining—what is shed during a period—has to remodel itself as it goes through these changes, says Dr. That goes for nursing moms too.

how long first period last after birth

Over time, menstruation will return to its usual pattern. Why it sometimes hurts Postpartum incontinence: This process occurs with each pregnancy, too, so you may notice changes in your period after each baby.

It can also take some time for your cycle to regulate after birth.

Your first postpartum period: What to expect

An analysis of findings from 17 countries. Almost Done! Your cycle should stabilize within a few months or after you've stopped breastfeeding.