Harrowmont or bhelen who to choose

harrowmont or bhelen who to choose

I do hope, then, that you hold yourself equally responsible for the countless deaths the rebellion that springs up the minute Harrowmont is declared the winner causes because you're just as if not MORE responsible for those. Dragon Age: You are being ridicules now.

Forum:Is Bhelen or Harrowmont considered the "good" choice?

Put yourself in the position of such a tyrant. I do however, have explicit evidence that Bhelen is an underhanded cheater willing to do nearly anything to win.

harrowmont or bhelen who to choose

He's a bad leader but Bheln is a jerk. But that's just me and I like manipulative jerks: One who wishes to do good but is very inflexible and impractical the other is a brute who doesn't mind cracking some eggs to make an omelet.

harrowmont or bhelen who to choose

At least: The Deadpool. Even though it doesn't turn out optimally, I feel like it's a choice I'm going to keep.

Rewards for siding with Harrowmont or Bhelen?

You think Crusaders who slaughtered innocents wouldn't have told you they had good intentions? Bhelen may do what is in the best interest of Orzammar but he doesn't go the best way about it. They shot a diamond made of iron at a car moving at 400 walls per hour-One of the dumbest sentences ever.

When Bhelen rules, he does away with the caste system, allowing any dwarf to fight the darkspawn.


And since the reforms are imposed with no lasting institutions, once Bhelen dies, nothing stops the reforms from being rolled back. This policy allows Orzammar to reclaim lost territory, but angers the warrior and noble castes.

harrowmont or bhelen who to choose

The game portrays this as his tragic flaw. But Harrowmont is merely the first casualty. In concept I agree but... Origins Xbox Live Gamertag: